March 23, 2013

RUMOUR: Motorola X Isn't a Phone, It's a Lineup of Phones

There have been many rumors flying around the internet about the Motorola X. It was believed originally that it would be one device produced by Motorola and Google. However, now it seems it will be a brand instead, meant to directly compete with Samsung's Galaxy line up.

The first phone will possibly be unveiled at the Google I/O developer conference in May. The phones will most likely be sold in a similar way to the Nexus 4 - online before arriving in stores. Andy Rubin, former Android executive, has denied that Google will be opening any stores anytime soon. But with the increase of products made by Google and its partners, it seems inevitable.

With the launch of the Galaxy S4, Samsung is well poised to engulf the smartphone market. A lot rides on the new Motorola X devices, as Google has invested a jaw dropping 12.5 billion dollars into this company. In addition, due to Google's success in the past, consumers now hold high expectations for any products sold under their brand. The question now is how this will affect the smartphone industry? What’s your opinion? Comment below!