March 23, 2013

LG Building Smartwatch

After rumours leaked about Apple and Samsung possibly making smartwatches, it appears that LG wants a slice of the pie as well. A source told the Korea Times that LG was not only working on a smartwatch, but also on something similar to Google Glass. The operating system was not mentioned, but Android, Firefox, and Ubuntu remain as open-source options.

The source also mentioned how LG and Samsung would be better suited for this industry, as unlike Apple and Google, they are the manufacturers of displays, and do not have to rely on other companies for parts like that.

With this, it's obvious that LG does not want to be left behind in the dust and now has a new focus on future consumer trends. LG has proven that they have the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary to begin designing and manufacturing a smartwatch. In the past, they, along with Samsung, have shown off flexible glass displays which can be used in this application.

Source: The Korea Times