April 2, 2013

Humble Weekly Sale - Tripwire Interactive

This week's Humble Weekly Sale features three games from Tripwire Interactive, the creators of Unreal Tournament 2004's mod Red Orchestra : Combined Arms. The titles up for sale are Red Orchestra, its sequel Red Orchestra 2, and Killing Floor. As usual, this sale lasts only a week, until next Tuesday (9 April 2013).

The price breakdown follows:
$1 or more - Red Orchestra and Red Orchestra 2 Game of the Year (GOTY) edition, both with soundtracks.
Above the Average - Killing Floor, 11 DLC packages, and its soundtrack.

All of the games come with Steam keys to redeem, but they might not be much fun without others to play with. Luckily, each of the games also come with trial Steam keys that you can give to friends, family, or random people! Red Orchestra comes with 3 10-day keys, while the other two come with 2 3-day keys. 

Red Orchestra and its sequel are both set in World War II, where you will take on the role of a soldier fighting in the German or Russian ranks. The first game will focus on the Eastern Front, while the second is centred around the Battle of Stalingrad. Killing Floor moves away from the military shooter genre into horror survival territory, while remaining uniform with the rest of the games, being a first-person shooter. This game is set in London, England after a biomedical outbreak just outside the city. You take on the role of a British soldier combating the virus.

For those of you who don't game solely on Windows, some of the games are available on multiple platforms:
Red Orchestra - Windows and Linux
Red Orchestra 2 - Windows
Killing Floor - Windows, Mac, and Linux

Make sure you check out this Humble Weekly Sale before it's over! Keep in mind the Humble Mobile Bundle is on until April 9 as well, with 9 Android games up for sale!