April 3, 2013

Jelly Bean Makes Up 25% of Androids

Google has updated their monthly Android dashboard that provides information about Android devices such as platform versions and screen size. This month, and from now onwards, Google has decided to use the Play Store to calculate how many users make up each operating system, instead of using check-ins.

Google's latest Android OS, codenamed Jelly Bean, has a 25% share which has increased 8.5% from last month's 16.5%. Ice Cream Sandwich climbed to 29.3%, up from 28.6% in February. Honeycomb has fallen down to 0.2% which is inevitable, as there are Ice Cream Sandwich updates for these tablets. Gingerbread fell 4.4% to 39.8% down from last month's 44.2%. From these results, we can see a larger adoption of newer devices, and/or an increase in upgrades from previous operating systems.
Source: Google Developer Dashboard