April 19, 2013

RUMOUR: Samsung Galaxy Note III to have Aluminum Body

Recently, HTC successfully launched their new HTC One phone with a full aluminum unibody. It seems that the success might alter Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy Note III so that it will also have a full aluminum body instead of plastic.
Samsung has been criticized for their usage of cheap plastic in their Galaxy S and Note devices and is now planning something big for the upcoming Note III.

Along with a full aluminum body, there are also rumours that the Note III will have a 6.0” AMOLED Full HD display,an Exynos 5 Octa CPU with 4G LTE, a13 MP rear camera, and also the latest version of Android (possibly Android 5.0).

The Galaxy Note III will possibly be unveiled this September at IFA 2013 in Germany however prices and purchasing are still unknown. What's your opinion on the Galaxy Note III? Tell us in the comments below!