April 1, 2013

Samsung Announces SMART Eco Trees!

A companion for a richer, sustainable, healthier life.

Today, Samsung Electronics announced the availability of their SMART Eco Tree, which is a smart, eco-friendly air purifier, powered by the sun! The Eco Tree includes many smart Samsung technologies!

Air Fresh - Eco Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. By doing so, it also filters the air to remove other pollutants while maintaining a comfortable humidity level. This is automatic and only requires some water and S (Solar) Beams.
Fragrance Over-the-Air (FOTA) - Eco Trees include S Buds, which when they blossom, release wonderful fragrances. The available, composition, intensity, and duration of the aroma vary by model.
SMART Cooling - Eco Trees help cool the area around them. In addition, trees have the SMART Shades technology, which may vary by model.
SMART View - Climbing Eco Trees helps you see higher and further. Not all trees are suitable for climbing, please check your safety guide. Samsung also does not recommend using SMART View for spying.
Eco Design - Eco Trees are an excellent addition to any garden, with some offering SMART Color, allowing leaves to change colours. Eco Trees are available in many different shapes and sizes.
Group Play - Combining mutiple Eco Trees together will increase the effect of the above functions, while preventing soil erosion.
SMART Share - Given enough care, Eco Trees will produce S-eeds for you to share with others, for free!
Evolution Kit - By applying S Beams, water, or fertilizer, your Eco tree will grow!
Accessories - Swings, tires, ladders, tents, and tree houses are available at dealers near you. Find the ones that fit your lifestyle!
Special Editions - Some models that provide food, entertainment, and habitat for wild animals are available as well. "Mini" editions are available for indoor usage as well.

Happy April Fools' from Samsung!

Source: Samsung Tomorrow