July 29, 2013

iPhone 5C Leaked

For many consumers who are searching for budget smartphones, Apple may soon become a viable option with the possible release of the iPhone 5C.  Rumored to be cased from plastic as opposed to its metal and glass predecessors, this iPhone will likely be available in a variety of colours similar to Apple’s iPod spectrum.  

Leaked photo reveals ‘iPhone 5C’ packaging
Possible packaging of the iPhone 5C posted on WeiPhone forum on July 27
Leaked photo shows new cheaper iPhone 5S shell in ‘radioactive vomit green’ (rumor)
Leaked photo indicating the plastic "radioactive vomit green" casing of the upcoming iPhone

Although this lower end iPhone will likely be sold under the name iPhone 5C as some of the leaked packaging suggests, nothing about this new product has been confirmed by Apple.  As for the C, we can only guess what it could stand for.  Some have proposed it to represent iPhone 5 Colour as the S in iPhone 4S represented Siri. However the C could just as well mean iPhone 5 Cheaper.

With the colourful redesign seen in iOS 7 it should come to us as no surprise that the hardware of the new iPhone 5C will be just as rainbow-tastic to match the colours of Apple’s mobile operating system.  Apple may also be hoping that the spectrum of colours available will hide the fact that the specifications of this lower end iPhone will likely be compensated in favor of a lower price.  For many of Apple’s fan-boys who have always appreciated the classier, higher end bodies of the latest iPhone's, brace yourselves for the probable fall release of this plastic abomination.  

For those of you which have been hoping for a drastically different iPhone, we would highly recommend that you be careful for what you wish for.

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