August 15, 2013

Razer Unleashes the Tartarus

Razer, a renowned manufacturer of gaming peripherals, announced the release of the successor to the widely popular Nostromo gaming keypad. Welcome the new Razer Tartarus. Featuring 25 fully programmable backlit keys as well as an increasingly comfortable form factor, the Tartarus provides quick and comfortable access to your most used keys while gaming.

The Tartarus uses membrane switches, like the ones found on most mainstream or Razer’s line of gaming keyboards excluding the Blackwidow, and provide 25 fully programmable keys alongside an eight-way directional thumb pad. The thumb pad allows gamers to move with more precision and comfort, while also acting as modifier keys, which adds 7 extra functions per key, resulting in a total of 128 possible unique commands. With unlimited macro lengths and unlimited profiles for different games, the Tartarus also provides users with instant switching between eight key maps, using the eight-way directional thumb pad. The Tartarus features full anti-ghosting, with backlit keys that give users total control even in the darkest situations.
Razer TartarusRazer TartarusRazer Tartarus

The Razer Tartarus places an infinite amount of control into a single hand—literally— affording immense flexibility, power and an ultimately free other hand, which is a deadly competitive advantage,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director, “For serious gamers, this keypad can make the difference between victory and defeat.” 

The Razer Tartarus can be configured with Razer’s proprietary software, Synapse 2.0, which syncs your settings to the cloud so they remain the same no matter wherever you are. The Razer Tartarus retails for USD $79.99 / EUR €79.99 For more information about the Razer Tartarus, please visit

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Source: Razer

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