March 15, 2013

Corsair Vengeance Extreme: Do you really need it?

Corsair has announced that they will be releasing the world's fastest rated production PC memory kit - the Corsair Vengeance Extreme. It is to come in a 2 x 4 GB dual-channel DDR3 package rated at 3000 MHz with the stock cooling. It will be passively cooled with a low-profile heat sink similar to other low-profile heat sinks in the Vengeance line.
Corsair Vengeance Extreme

Vengeance Extreme is capable of these extreme speeds because of the extreme scrutiny and screening that the memory chips are put under. Each chip used on the Vengeance Extreme is hand-picked by Corsair engineers with less than 1-in-50 chips meeting the par. To get the 3000 MHz speeds, an unlocked 3rd Generation Intel Core processor with an Integrated Memory Controller Capable of running at 3000 MHz is necessary.

These kits will be priced at $749.99 USD and will be produced in extremely limited quantities. The kit will also come with a Kingpin Cooling memory cooler for Liquid Nitrogen overclocking to get over 3000 MHz and a lifetime limited warranty, like most Corsair memory. Even with the cooling kit and warranty, that is a whole lot of money to pay for 8 GB of RAM. Almost $100 per GB is way too much for this product. Also, putting this stick of RAM in your build will most likely not make very much of a difference. 1600 MHz RAM is fine for a gaming build. This RAM is geared towards the benchmarking enthusiasts with rooms filled with cash that want to get that extra edge to brag about.

Source: Corsair
Via: TechPowerUp