March 15, 2013

iWatch - Will it be More Profitable than the iPhone?

As Google is gaining popularity for their upcoming release of Google Glasses, Apple is rumored to be unveiling a new product that analysts say will be more profitable than any other Apple device. According to Bloomberg, it is reported there are approximately 100 people working on this new revolutionary device called the iWatch.
Apple iWatch

Today, many of us have stopped wearing watches largely because our smartphones have eliminated the need for them. However, watches are jumping back with new advancements in health, sensors, GPS and much more. A good example is Nike which has introduced the concept of a new fashionable fitness watch, the Nike Fuelband. Rumours say that the iWatch will probably run on a full version of iOS with Siri, rather than a simple broken down operating system like the iPod Nano. Analysts predict the iWatch to slow down sales from Apple’s competition, such as Samsung and their release of the Galaxy S4 which which will surely whittle down Apple’s sales. The S4 is also planned to be released with the S Band, a wrist band that communicates with the S4 contributing to S Health. The fate of Apple lies in a simple question. Will this be an addition to be used with the iPhone, or a complete replacement?

Source: CNET