April 16, 2013

Memjet Powered C6010 Arrives in Canada!

Memjet, a company that produces technologies for high-performance colour printers, today announced that Memjet-powered C6010 colour printers would be arriving in Canada. Memjet's technology allows these printers to print borderless (edge-to-edge) colour pages at an astounding 60 pages per minute (one per second)!

Due to its waterfall printing design, there's no time waiting for the printer to warm up, nor any delays, due to the 700 million drops per second this printer releases. Memjet C6010-based printers also feature a new "always-on" standby mode which saves power, beyond the capabilities of other laser printers. In addition to saving power, C6010 printers also use refillable and reusable ink tubs, reducing the amount of waste in the environment.
"With the arrival of Memjet powered C6010 printers in Canada, small and medium businesses through their office equipment resellers can now for the first time access fast affordable color printing revolutionized by Memjet page-wide printing technology," states Bill McGlynn, President of Memjet Office. "The C6010 improves productivity in fast-paced office environments for all types of businesses looking to improve efficiencies, save money and print high-impact color documents."